Stormforce was tasked with assessing two sections of the roof at this prestigious hotel in Plymouth.

The rear flat roof to the ballroom underwent a full upgrade with an IKO built-up roofing system with all new insulation and a new liquid system with a skid inhibiting finish installed to a curved flat roof section. The works including the air handling units and repairs to the adjacent slate roofs.

The main slate roof required numerous repairs to all elevations, including the replacement of a significant portion of the front section with a new natural slate to complement the existing covering. A large proportion of the leadwork including valleys and stepped flashings were replaced to the front and to the vertical sections.

Remarkably, these renovations were executed while the hotel remained fully operational, amidst some of the most challenging local weather conditions in years. All involved with the project were impressed with the attention to detail and the respect shown to the residents by our operatives throughout the project.