Facias, Soffits, Bargeboards, Guttering & Cladding

Take a few moments to look up at your fascias where the roof meets the walls of your home (The Roofline). If you can see damaged paintwork rotten wood or birds flying into your roof space then you have a problem.

Water is leaking into your home causing damage and reducing the value of your property.

What are fascia boards and why are they on houses?

The fascia board is the sacrificial protective board that covers the ends of the timber roof joists to stop the ingress of rain or snow into the roof and wall cavity of your home. It is usually combined with a soffit to close off the gap between the felt, tiles and wall of the property. This area is also known as the eaves or roofline of a house.

In the majority of house builds the original roofline products are made from wood. Replacing the roofline products with uPVC will help to protect the building for many years.

The fascia board is also supports the guttering to control and remove rainwater from the area nearest the house to your drains.

Bargeboard replacement services

The bargeboard closes off the gap at edge of the tiles along the pine end of your house. Prevent leaks into the cavity wall and attic space the barge board is am important element in the construction and sealing of your property.

Part of the service includes the re-cementing of the verges on the gable end of your home to ensure that they are wind and water proof, if requested.

Roofline weakspots

If your house is over twenty five years old it was probably built using wooden roofline products. If regular annual maintenance has not been carried out these will decay and result in:

  • Poor protection from the elements
  • Water leaks into the cavity which result in rusty wall ties
  • Damp patches inside the house
  • Rotten roof trusses
  • Birds’ nests and other infestations

You do not have to re-roof your home for a solution. In just a couple of days you could be protected from the ravages of decay with replacement soffits, fascias, guttering and bargeboards. Protecting your house and increasing its value.

How do soffits protect the house?

These are the boards that also help protect your roof space from the ingress of water. Like Fascias they are located along the edge of the eaves to close off the gap between the tiles of the roof and the wall of the house.

Guttering and downpipe replacement services

Shallow, blocked and damaged guttering and downpipes are the main cause of damp and water damage in homes. The complete replacement of soffits, fascia boards and bargeboards with your guttering and downpipes will release you from the need to paint and carry out maintenance every year.

We at Stormforce Roofing replace all guttering with Deep flow guttering profiles manufactured from uPVC. The addition of gutter guards will prevent leaf build up so rain water will run free. Reducing the need for annual maintenance and removing your risk when climbing ladders to clear out blockages.