Metal Roofing & Cladding

Lead Roofing

Stormforce roofing specialise in all types of traditional, modern and ornamental lead roofing & cladding, and are able to supply any type of purpose made lead work, for traditional, or modern applications, including hand crafted lead planters and hopper heads. 

The Romans and Norman’s first utilised lead as a building material, in pipes and roof coverings, because it is both stable and weatherproof, and its high resistance to atmospheric corrosion. Lead when installed correctly, by experienced lead worker’s, will last hundreds of years, many English churches and cathedrals have stood the test of time. 

Steel Cladding

Our specialist cladding teams have over 20 years experience of all types of cladding and we pride ourselves on the finish of the final product. 

There are many different systems on the market and we are able to advise on the best one suited to your needs. Refurbishment of corrugated roofing and cladding gives you the opportunity to upgrade the insulation of your building and create a new weathertight covering. This can be achieved by full replacement with composite or built-up roof cladding systems or when appropriate, overcladding existing roofs and walls. 

That’s where we come in. 

Our roofing experts are happy to survey your roof and provide a detailed description of your building and roofing issues. We’ll work with you to find out which option best suits your needs and budget. By working with our partners we’re also able to find the most cost effective products for your refurbishment. 

Copper Roofing

Stormforce roofing specialise in all types of traditional, modern and ornamental copper roofing & cladding. 

Copper has been used since medieval times, it was first used as a roofing material in Britain by the Romans. 

Nowadays, copper is available in different types of patinas, and different types of hardness, and when installed correctly by a coppersmith, it will last hundreds of years. 

Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal

Carefully and professionally executed removal and safe disposal of asbestos materials as well as over-cladding works. 

Free advice offered for all potential projects. 

Chrysotile asbestos cement roofs are often found in industrial buildings and with growing concerns over asbestos, companies are hiring specialist organisations to remove the material safely and quickly. Removing asbestos is not something to take lightly. That's why, all of our teams are fully trained on the requirements of working with and around non-licensed chrysotile asbestos. We also train our people to be able to identify the risks associated with licensed asbestos products such as amosite and crocidolite. We work with a nationwide network of licensed asbestos removal contractors to ensure any licensed work you require is dealt with professionally and safely, so you can be confident you have a fully qualified team on board. 

As you would expect from a business like ours, all works are carried out to current legislative requirements and we ensure that all materials removed from the site are quickly and safely taken to a licensed asbestos disposal waste site.