The Boat House - Slate


We were approached by the main contractor to carry out the flat and pitched roofing works on a new riverside property being built for Chris Dawson of the Range. 

The client was heavily involved in the design and choice of materials and had settled on a random diminishing Cornish Slate. When we spoke to the quarry about purchasing the required amounts of the different sizes of Slate we were informed that they were committed to supplying a large housing project and could not let us have what we needed. We went back to the client with this information and provided different options for the slate coverings but they were insistent on their requirements. 

Our challenge was to give the client the look they wanted with the slate they wanted whilst only being able to supply one size of slate. To do this we bought the 32 ton of slate and had them delivered to our warehouse. We then spent several weeks sorting,grading and drilling the slate by hand allowing us to separate the wider and thicker slate from the smaller thinner slate. By laying the slate according to this careful grading process we were able to give the client the look and quality of finish they required without having to use a different slate. 

As with any riverside work the weather can create its own issues and we had not shortage of wind and driving rain to contend with on this project. The job obviously took longer than anyone anticipated due to this additional process and incredibly bad weather conditions but the skill of our craftsmen meant that the increased time scale was not excessive and did not increase the program of the build as a whole. We also took the opportunity to give three of our apprentices the experience of working with high quality materials to the exacting standards required by a client who knew precisely what they wanted and would accept no compromise.